Creative Movement (3 to 4 yrs.)
In Preschool Combo, your child will begin to explore all avenues of dance such as ballet, tap, and jazz in a fun, exploratory environment. Children will continue to use "make believe" and fun props in dancing to their favorite songs, all while teaching basic elements of dance, including rhythm, movement quality, space, body awareness and shape. The child's imagination and self-esteem are encouraged and strengthened through dance. * Both Tap and Ballet shoes are required for this class

Kinder Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop (5 to 6 yrs.)
Kinder level dancers will start to explore a faster paced class with focus on preparing students for older level classes. Styles offer are Ballet, Tap/Jazz combo and Hip Hop. Children will continue to use fun props in dancing to their favorite songs, all while teaching beyond basic elements of dance, including faster rhythms, formation changes and vocabulary.

Level 1: (7 to 9yrs)These are beginner classes for students with limited experience in the curriculum. Provides the student with complete fundamental training based on traditional dance technique. These classes will focus on the basic positions and body alignment.

Level 2: (10 to 12 yrs old)This advanced beginner class builds upon basic technique
learned in Level 1 to gain strength and speed. Two to three years of Level 1 may be recommended prior to moving to Level 2.

Level 3: (13+ yrs old) These classes require students to correctly execute material learnedin previous levels. Students continue to learn working for speed and complexity as well as proper technique. The choreography and skills taught in the class will be more advanced and taught at a faster pace than previous levels. Geared for dancers with a sound knowledge of dance technique and terminology within the discipline and ability to execute movements with ease.

Level 4: ( 13+, Advanced/PrePro)Students must have instructor approval to joining this level! These classes require students to correctly execute material learned in previous levels. Students continue to learn working for speed and complexity as well as proper technique. The choreography and skills taught in the class will be more advanced and taught at a faster pace than previous levels. Excellent turning and jumps must be executed in order to be considered for this level. 

Ballet provides the basis for all other dance forms. We strongly encourage all of our students to add this class to their class selections! These classes are taught in a fun & supportive environment, and provide students with complete fundamental training based on traditional classical ballet technique, and focus on proper placement and alignment. Each student will learn ballet vocabulary through barre and center work while building strength and flexibility. As the levels advance, we will also focus on such technical aspects as turns, leaps, and combinations.

Our Jazz classes combine a very fun and creative dance approach with the necessary technique to advance as a dancer. Classes teach basic jazz technique, terminology and movement quality; all while developing correct body alignment, flexibility, and strength. Each class will also focus on such technical aspects as turns, leaps, and combinations of movements. Students enjoy the exercise and dance routines to their favorite music, making this a very popular class!

Classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic tap technique and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound. The class is taught in a fun and supportive environment. As the levels advance, more complex steps and combinations including pick ups, pull backs and time steps, wings, single wings, pullbacks and other traditional trick steps will be taught.

Hip Hop
Students love this incredibly energetic form of dance! Our hip hop classes provide a framework of choreography in which each dancer will be able to add their own personal style and attitude.The class includes elements of B-boying, old school and more modern video-style choreography.

A fuse between ballet and jazz, lyrical dancers will find themselves challenged with abstract choreography, emotional connections, partnering and floor work. Technical tricks, lyrical movements and improv will also be incorporated into the class.

Musical Theatre
This class will focus on learning dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Curriculum is based on ballet technique and jazz style movements. Warm-up, across the floor and combinations will all be explored with emphasis on learning performance skills and connecting to the audience through facial expressions.

Students require teacher recommendation to begin Pointe. A Ballet class is wrongly recommended to supplement this class. Pointe will include exercises at the barre and in centre. Focus will be on learning to smoothly transition Pointe steps to form combinations, to continue to improve strength, and develop skills in executing more difficult movements.

This is a combination class of leaps, turns, and flexibility taught in a technique class format. This class will challenge each dancer to reach new heights, achieve more revolutions and get a full body workout. This class also concentrates on proper placement, quick learning, strength and discipline.

Strength & Flexibility (Teen & Adult)
This hour-long class focuses on building core strength and increasing endurance and flexibility through a variety of exercises. These exercises include, but are not limited to pilates, yoga, and strength exercises with provided weights/resistance bands. Each class begins with a cardio warm-up and then targets for 10-15 min a specific area of the body each week: core, arms, legs, etc… The last 15 minutes of the class is focused on flexibility with stretching exercises to create the long lean muscles desired for dancing. This class is great for Adults and dance students who are motivated to improve their strength and flexibility.*$12/class or $120/12 class pass

Adult Ballet
This class moves at the pace of its students. All positions and exercises that are describe in the ballet classes above are studied here. Adults come to class to get in shape and have fun. No experience necessary. *$12/class or $120/12 class pass

Adult Hip Hop
This high energy class will have all the Hip Hop moves you'll want to learn. Each week you’ll learn no choreography while having fun with exercising! Adults come to class to get in shape and have fun. Ages 18 and up. No experience necessary.
*$12/class or $120/12 class pass

Private Lessons
For those interested in working privately with an instructor on any dance style, we offer private or small group lessons. Please contact the studio for instructor availability. Cost for an individual is $65 per one hour lesson. Contact the studio for small group, birthday parties and choreography pricing.


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